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Original Art Deco Maurice Adams Cocktail Cabinet


Original Art Deco Maurice Adams Cocktail Cabinet
If you are looking for an original statement piece of original Art Deco then look no further. Here we have a fantastic top quality piece of Furniture in wonderful condition. Every thing from the veneers,to the hinges ,fixtures and fittings on this cabinet is the best of the best available. Very 30’s lounge in style and glamour, simply stunning where ever you look, you wont find a better one. Back in the 30’s, veneers used on this cabinet were hard to find, but who ever this one was hand crafted for insisted on the best and no expense was spared. They have used maple and walnut veneers in areas where its not even seen. Beautiful piece of furniture in great condition with mirrored interior, 2 pull out mixing trays (never seen that before ) all polished stainless steel fittings, bottle storage and auto internal light.   For more details please call 01257 473688.
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Width :
48 inches
Height :
60 1/4 inches
Depth :
24 inches