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Personal Sourcing Service Of Art Deco Furniture

Sourcing and Inspiring Ideas

We understand how important it is to find the right piece in order to create the desired aesthetic and we are passionate about providing our customers with a great service.

For over 20 years we have been welcoming art deco enthusiasts to Cloud 9 Art Deco. It is with great pleasure and pride that we can say that most of our visitors have become loyal and incredibly valued repeat customers and friends. The beauty of this relationship has meant that we have been able to help our customers locate and acquire those specific special pieces of original art deco that they have often waited some considerable time to find.

On the other hand we have many new and returning customers who simply don’t know what they are looking for, perhaps they have a space to fill but with what? For over 20 years we have offered knowledge and inspiration as well as providing the opportunity to browse, the underestimated, often you don’t know what you want until you see it!


Finding your Ideal Original Art Deco Piece (s)

Over the years we have developed an extensive list of customers patiently waiting for those perfect, desirable pieces. A welcomed benefit of having such a well-established business and website is that we are offered an awful lot of furniture every day. This enables us to be very selective with the furniture we buy to ensure that we only purchase the very best quality, most stylish, most rare and most desirable stock. Importantly this also means that we are often buying pieces with specific customer(s) in mind. This sourcing element of the business has developed significantly over the years and is a very rewarding and satisfying element for us.

If you have a wish list or a specific item that you are looking for or have been waiting to find, then please do not hesitate to contact us with details and we can do our best to help you acquire it.

Happy to Help, Success Story….

A couple of years ago customers bought this beautiful dining table and chairs from us. After living with it and fully enjoying it, they decided that a matching server, if such a thing existed would look lovely along side it.    

What would the original server to the suite look like?

Does such a piece even exist they asked?…….

Following a call and discussion to determine exactly what they wanted they asked us if we had a server in stock to match? At this time we didn’t. From our knowledge and experience we knew exactly what we were looking for so we set about trying to find them one.

In the meantime as a temporary measure they purchased a reproduction console table that we now have in our trade in/retro section as it was actually 70s and not original art deco.  This is how, over time we have acquired items for this section.

A short time later Cloud 9 Art Deco successfully located the perfect match and they now sit happily together. 

This is one of many examples and for some customers they genuinely have a list of desirable pieces that we enjoy finding for customers.

Why not send us your wish list?…