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Lancashire Life: Keeping the Art Deco Era Alive

Keeping the Art Deco Era Alive, Emma Mayoh reports... click here to read the full article

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We Buy And Sell Original Art Deco Furniture and Decorative Pieces To Suit All Pockets

Home » We Buy And Sell Original Art Deco Furniture and Decorative Pieces To Suit All Pockets

In a nutshell we buy and sell original art deco furniture of all types to suit all pockets, including smaller items such as original Art Deco mirrors, lighting, clocks, prints, figurines and bronzes etc.

Our furniture selection changes on a daily basis and it is for this reason that our customers and potential customers are advised to keep checking the website. We have a mailing list for people who are looking for that special item and that they are the first to know when we hunt down something that may be of interest to them.

All of our furniture with the odd exception is given a new lease of life and is repolished wherever needed to ensure that the original detail and finish is revealed as much as possible. Every piece is presented to the customer in fabulous condition to continue its life.   As far as the soft furniture is concerned our seating stock we have taken this to a whole new level. We offer the customer the opportunity to select their own colour choice or either fabric or leather to reupholster their chosen style of 3 piece suite, sofa or armchairs etc.

These processes can be seen first-hand at our workshop that is attached to our showroom and warehouse.  We believe this whole experience and setup to be unique.

Founder of Cloud 9 Art Deco, Terry and small team have the expertise that is second to none and know this furniture quite literally inside and out. You can always see work in progress, the continuous desire for both quality and highest standards when visiting us. Our customer and after sales services are superb, so good in fact, that many customers have become good friends and trust us implicitly. Being a family run business and renowned for doing our own deliveries we can ensure a quality service and seamless process from start to finish for our customers. We pride ourselves and attribute business success and excellent reputation to all of the above.

Our customers have voluntarily forwarded appraisals and testimonials some of which are on the website but why not see for yourself, you will be made most welcome.  We have been told that our passion for Art Deco furniture shines through so much that visitors and customers are made to feel at ease with our friendly approach.

Our take on the Art Deco Period

Please do read on for our own take on the Art Deco Period. There is no officialdom here or dates and places just an honest opinion on how we see it, almost as if we were there in person.

The Art Deco period was a vibrant time in history. People worldwide were recovering from personal loss that the 1st World War brought them and rightly so were letting their hair down in celebration of peace time.

This reflected in the way they lived and even in the way that they dressed. They became much more daring hence the roaring 20s. Although they were unaware that another War was on the horizon their plans for the future and forward thinking attitude produced the best designs and manufacturing processes that the World has ever seen.  Indeed, what they came up with as far as home decor and furniture is concerned was to become timeless. No other period produced furniture that was so chic and glamorous that would fit not only into the Art Deco homes of the 1930s but also the modern contemporary and stylish home of the 21st century so perfectly.

It was the dawning of a new age, not a bad achievement eh!

Even today, promotions of many things such as perfume and the glamour industry have and continue to use/include the Art Deco theme. From a generation of people that suffered so much personal loss they also gave so much. We will remember them, a lasting and timeless legacy.