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We Buy Retro

Do you have pieces from years ago that may not be antique, nor 100 years old but authentic from an era over the decades?


Over the years at Cloud 9 Art Deco we have acquired many items that are not art deco. During the buying process people have often offered other items or asked us if we can buy other things from them. For some of our customers it has been helpful for us to take something away when delivering a new piece from Cloud 9 Art Deco.

The retro/trade in element of the business has organically grown, hence the items that are now listed for sale on our website and why we also wanted to give people the opportunity to sell retro furniture, retro seating and retro decorative pieces to us.

In some cases we may take your old items in part exchange for any of our other furniture or pieces that are for sale, that may take your fancy.

If you have furniture to sell we may be interested in buying it, we offer good prices – please complete this information and we will get back to you.

If you have 1920s/30s Art Deco Furniture/seating or decorative pieces to sell please click here.

Many thanks

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