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Original Art Deco Marius Ernest Sabino (1878 – 1961) Lamp


Exceptionally Rare Original Marius Sabino Art Deco Lamp
This beautiful original hand produced glass Lamp by Marius Ernest Sabino (1878 – 1961) is very rare indeed and such a fabulous piece of Art. Sabino was born in Sicily but raised as a boy in France, he went on to become one of the best during the period hence a collectors dream today. More than half a century has passed since the production of this style of glass was at its peak. During the twenties and thirties there had been a large group of creators of glass, among them Rene Lalique, Sabino, Etling, Hunebelle, D’Avesn, Verlys and Jobling. Of these, two emerged as the best- Lalique and Sabino.    With the onset of the second world war, there were great changes in the techniques of glass production. As the costs of hand produced work escalated, this beautiful glass became a rare part of history and the preserve of collectors.    Click here to take a look at a stuning pair of Sabino wall lights that we also have, imagine the set! WOW!
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Width :
17 inches
Height :
71 inhes inches
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17 inches