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Original Art Deco Radiobar


Original Art Deco American Radiobar
This is just amazing! Made in Los Angeles California in 1938 by the Radiobar Company. This was made during the prohibition period with the idea being to look like a radio cabinet but very nicely disguising your secret liquor stash. Radiobar combined forces with the British Radio company ‘Philco’ and from 1931 to 1939 they used the philco radiogram chassis in these iconic pieces. This particular model can be seen in the 30’s movie ‘Angels with dirty faces’ starring Humphry Bogart and James Cagney. This has been fully refurbished to bring this beautifully made cabinet back to its former glory. It is made from cuban hard wood and veneered in american walnut. When you open the bottom doors you find the Philco valve radio gram which is in great working order and sounds just like it did all those years ago. The tuning dial illuminates when turned on and looks stunning. The top of the cabinet is fitted out in highly polished top grade stainless steel. It really is a piece of engineering art when opened up. Glass storage, bottle storage, 2 wine cooler ice compartments and cocktail shaker area. There is also secret lockable bottle storage in the bottom of the cabinet. Just a fantastic piece of history that will be the conversation piece of any home. Find me another , i ve never seen one. Comes complete with spare glass valves and schamatic radio drawings.     For more details please call 01257 473688.
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33 inches
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49 inches
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18 inches