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Original Art Deco Walnut Cocktail Bar


WOW! This one speaks for itself! A stunning original art deco walnut pop up cocktail bar.
WOW! This beautiful figured walnut original art deco pop up cocktail bar is simply outstanding. A very rare and unusual top quality piece with so much character and quirky design and only the best materials used. With cross banded veneered curved corners at the front running the full height of the bar this stunning piece is so sleek and elegant. The bar pops up from the back and has a mirrored and chrome detailed interior with shelves. To the left side you have a pull out mixing tray and the right a lined cooler/ice drawer. When you open the top drawer you have the full complement of original utensils required for preparing those cocktails and just below is the cupboard with great bottle storage so that they are all at hand.  This piece will be completely stripped and re lacquered before delivery to return it to its former glory. For more details please call 01257 473688. Original Art Deco furniture at its best.
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