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Hille Art Deco Bedroom Suite


Superb design, superb quality with labels inside
Fabulous original bedroom suite designed by Ray Hille built by Sam Hille. Comprises of a Ladies wardrobe, Gentleman’s wardrobe and Dressing table. In our opinion Art Deco furniture just does not get any better than Hille, its just fantastic in every single way from design to quality, you just cant help but get excited about it. The idea’s they had in design were just years ahead of everyone else and they did not take any short cuts in the build quality or materials used to make this exquisite bedroom set. Even the interior is great, the back panels have been veneered and they are all raised and fielded. Every where you look there are different aspects and details that impress. Each wardrobe is triple wide, the ladies being considerably larger which is to be expected and within the ladies wardrobe there is a very clever and cute Secret Drawer. Although this is in the ladies I will only give its secret to the gent at time of purchase ! We have to have somewhere to hide a little spends from the wife and they will never think to look in their own drawers for cash would they ? We have not had a Hille Bedroom Suite before now, very rare indeed. Its in fantastic condition.    
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Width :
Dtable 59 inches, Gents WD 49 inches, Ladies WD 66 inches
Height :
Dtable 58 inches, Gents WD 65 inches, Ladies WD 71 inches
Depth :
Dtable 21 inches, Gents WD 23 inches, Ladies WD 24 inches