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Original Art Deco Epstein Dining table, 6 Chairs and Matching Sideboard with protective glass tops


Always thrilled to have an original art deco Epstein dining table in stock. This top quality walnut set comprises of a stunning u shape base table with lovely iconic shaped top with protective glass and 6 beautiful chairs. The matching sideboard has the desirable fluted centre doors and bakelite handles, typically characteristic of Epstein. This has lots of storage and also glass tops to protect the veneer. This fabulous set will be restored and reupholstered before delivery so that the veneers are vibrant once again after all of these years and the leather can be a colour of your choice? From within the same room at the London home that we purchased this wonderful furniture from was a matching art deco Epstein Cocktail cabinet that we also have for sale, click here for details. For more details please feel free to call 01257 473688.
Number of Pieces :
8 plus glass
Year of Manufacture :
Item Ref :
Availability :
In Stock
Width :
72 (sideboard 66) inches
Height :
30 1/2 (sideboard 38) inches
Depth :
36 (sideboard 22) inches