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Art Deco Figural Sculpture – Pierre Le Faguays ‘Espana aux Boules’


An original Art Deco figure - Pierre Le Faguays (Guerbe) 'Espana aux Boules'
A fabulous original art deco Pierre Le Faguays (Guerbe) patinated figural sculpture ‘Espana aux Boules’. The beautiful lady is posed holding up an orange ball in each hand and only wearing a long Egyptian geometric patterned skirt with gilt highlights and mounted on a stunning stepped black stone base. This fantastic piece is signed ‘Guerbe’ with the Le Verrier foundry stamp where he made his pieces. Guerbe and Fayral were two pseudonyms used by Pierre Le Faguays as they were both the family names of his mother and his wife. This piece is in great condition. For more details please call 01257 473688.
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18 inches