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What We Do

We Buy and Sell Original Art Deco Furniture And Decorative Pieces To Suit All Pockets


We Provide A Personal Sourcing Service For Original Art Deco Furniture


We Offer Art Deco Furniture/Prop Hire For Film/TV/Theatre


In a nutshell we buy and sell original art deco furniture of all types to suit all pockets. We provide a personal sourcing service for those with specific requests and we hire out our pieces for film and TV.  

Our furniture selection changes on a daily basis and it is for this reason that our customers and potential customers are advised to keep checking the website, call us for a chat to discuss your wish list and/or make an appointment to visit our showroom. We also have our mailing list for people who are interested to see what new pieces are arriving and for those looking for that special item so that they are the first to know when we hunt down something that may be of interest to them. We are offered furniture everyday but we are very selective of what we buy! Our personal sourcing services evolved organically and quickly because of the volume of pieces that we are offered. When we know people are looking for specific items its great to be able to forward them on. Similarly, Film and TV Production companies often have a wish list from set decorators so it’s always a pleasure to help provide and hire out items that subsequently are seen on TV or in Films. 

Most of our furniture with the odd exception is given a new lease of life and is repolished wherever needed to ensure that the original detail and finish is revealed as much as possible. Every piece is presented to the customer in fabulous condition to continue its life having being returned to its former glory.   As far as the soft furniture re upholstery is concerned our seating stock we have taken this to a whole new level. We offer the customer the opportunity to select their own colour choice or either fabric or leather to reupholster their chosen style of 3 piece suite, sofa or armchairs etc. With an outstanding reputation for quality of work, Donna, Dad Terry and small Cloud 9 team continue to do all the reupholstery and repolishing, guaranteeing that the highest standards are retained.

Our customer and after sales services are superb, so good in fact, that many customers have become good friends and trust us implicitly, many call to discuss a piece, buy with confidence and we simply arrange everything and delivery that can often be hundreds of miles away. Something we are very proud of and value tremendously.  Being a family run business and renowned for our excellent reputation we can ensure a quality service and seamless process from start to finish for our customers. We pride ourselves and attribute business success and excellent reputation to all of the above.

Our customers have voluntarily forwarded appraisals and testimonials some of which are on the website but why not see for yourself, you will be made most welcome.  We have been told that our passion for Art Deco furniture and our business shines through so much that visitors and customers are made to feel at ease with our friendly approach. We strive to make visiting, buying, selling or indeed any interaction with Cloud 9 Art Deco a pleasurable and personable experience. 

Art Deco Furniture/Prop Hire For Film/TV/Theatre

It is always a pleasure working with set decorators and production buyers to source and supply fabulous pieces. Our items can be bought or hired. Cloud 9 Art Deco have authentic original art deco furniture, art deco seating and the full array of art deco decorative pieces. If you are looking for the WOW, statement pieces, simply the best, most desirable from the period then look no further. At cloud 9 art deco you will find 5000sqft filled with a unique, unparalleled stock selection.

To read more and see what we have done in the past please click here, lots you will recognise I’m sure. 

Personal Sourcing Service Of Original Art Deco

It is so important to find the right piece and we are passionate about providing our customers with a great service to find it, in order to create the desired aesthetic.

We have been welcoming art deco enthusiasts to Cloud 9 Art Deco for over 20 years. It is with great pleasure and pride that we can say that most of our visitors have become loyal and incredibly valued repeat customers and friends. The beauty of this relationship has meant that we have been able to help our customers locate and acquire those specific special pieces of original art deco that they have often waited some considerable time to find. To find out more please click here for details. 

We also have many new and returning customers who simply don’t know what they are looking for, perhaps they have a space to fill, but with what? We offer knowledge and inspiration as well as providing the opportunity to browse, the underestimated, often you don’t know what you want until you see it!

We Sell Original Art Deco Furniture And Decorative Pieces To Suit All Pockets

Cloud 9 Art Deco currently stock the largest selection of original 1920’s, 1930’s, art deco furniture anywhere in the UK. To See our extensive stock why not browse our online shop click here to see our stock or alternatively call to make an appointment. 

We Buy Original Art Deco Furniture & Retro Furniture

If you are looking to part with your Original Art Deco furniture please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

We buy genuine, original Art Deco furniture, Art Deco seating furniture and Art Deco decorative pieces. In some cases we may take  in part exchange for any of our Art Deco suites or any other Art Deco pieces that we have.

If you have Art Deco furniture to sell we may be interested in buying it, we offer good prices – please follow this link and complete the information and we will get back to you.

If you wish to sell pieces from another period please send us more details by clicking here.

Our take on the Art Deco Period

Please do read on for our own take on the Art Deco Period. There is no officialdom here or dates and places just an honest opinion on how we see it, almost as if we were there in person.

The Art Deco period was a vibrant time in history. People worldwide were recovering from personal loss that the 1st World War brought them and rightly so were letting their hair down in celebration of peace time.

This reflected in the way they lived and even in the way that they dressed. They became much more daring hence the roaring 20s. Although they were unaware that another War was on the horizon their plans for the future and forward thinking attitude produced the best designs and manufacturing processes that the World has ever seen.  Indeed, what they came up with as far as home decor and furniture is concerned was to become timeless. No other period produced furniture that was so chic and glamorous that would fit not only into the Art Deco homes of the 1930s but also the modern contemporary and stylish home of the 21st century so perfectly.

It was the dawning of a new age, not a bad achievement eh!

Even today, promotions of many things such as perfume and the glamour industry have and continue to use/include the Art Deco theme. From a generation of people that suffered so much personal loss they also gave so much. We will remember them, a lasting and timeless legacy.